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Reader shares her version of Country Woman's Spring Chicken Easter Craft

Idea Gallery: Spring Chicken Easter Craft

These young gals had a flock of fun making Country Woman’s Spring Chicken Easter Craft.

Peeps Topiary

Idea Gallery: Peeps Topiary

Kid-friendly Peeps Topiary was fun spring project with the grandkids.

crocheted flower afghan on chair

Idea Gallery: Fall Flowers Afghan

Country Woman’s Fall Flowers Afghan bloomed beautifully for this avid crocheter.

Angel Afghan Right Side Name

Idea Gallery: Crocheted Baby Afghan

This inventive reader perfectly personalized Country Woman’s angelic afghan.

Tractor sweater outfit for newborn

Idea Gallery: Knit Tractor Sweater

This creative reader knit a tractor design from our scarf pattern into a baby sweater.

Thanks so much for the Kris Moose pattern. He’s adorable! I made mine with a bow, moving eyes and nostrils made with black permanent marker, then topped it off with a bit of Christmas greenery.  —Joan Nesmith, Williams, Minnesota

Idea Gallery: Kris Moose Ornament

This reader’s version of Country Woman’s “Kris Moose” ornament adds whimsy to her tree.

Star Ornament

Idea Gallery: Christmas Star Ornament

A kid-friendly version of our popular Christmas star ornament craft.

Idea Gallery: Cookie Exchange Tradition

Idea Gallery: Cookie Exchange Tradition

Mount Rushmore workers start an exchange with Christmas cookies galore.

Outdoor Pumpkin Planter

Idea Gallery: Pumpkin Planter

This reader turned a pumpkin into a lovely autumn planter.

DIY body butter

Idea Gallery: Homemade Body Butter

Reader whips up our moisturizing body butter to make a lovely gift for her mother.