Holiday Crafts

Pastel yarn Easter eggs on display

Yarn Easter Eggs Craft

Kid-friendly yarn Easter eggs are sure to brighten your spring decor.

Reader shares her version of Country Woman's Spring Chicken Easter Craft

Idea Gallery: Spring Chicken Easter Craft

These young gals had a flock of fun making Country Woman’s Spring Chicken Easter Craft.

Holiday Hearts Sweater

Holiday Hearts Sweater and Doll

Do you have a little “doll” on your Christmas crafting list this year? This cuddly sweater with its own matching doll fits the bill perfectly.

Miniature DIY Flower Bouquet

Miniature DIY Flower Bouquet

Plan your message, and then choose and assemble the flowers and herbs that you want to

Crocheted Santa Cap DIY Ornament

Crocheted Santa Cap DIY Ornament

Crochet up several of these cute-as-can-be DIY ornaments for a jolly touch on your Christmas tree.

Cross-Stitched DIY Journal Cover

Cross-Stitched DIY Journal Cover

Spruce up your Christmas notebooks with these festive Cross-Stitched DIY Journal Cover patterns.

Crochet Tree Skirt

Red Crochet Tree Skirt

A shells-and-pineapple crochet design provided pleasing results in this beautiful red tree skirt.

Thanks so much for the Kris Moose pattern. He’s adorable! I made mine with a bow, moving eyes and nostrils made with black permanent marker, then topped it off with a bit of Christmas greenery.  —Joan Nesmith, Williams, Minnesota

Idea Gallery: Kris Moose Ornament

This reader’s version of Country Woman’s “Kris Moose” ornament adds whimsy to her tree.

Filet Crocheted Pillow

Joy Filet Crochet Pillow

Create a holiday heirloom with this filet crochet throw pillow, and have instant joy in any room.

Once you start this crocheted doily, you'll likely get hooked!

Lacy Crocheted Doily

This colorfully crocheted doily is certain to “star” in your Christmas decor!