Crocheting Crafts

Scrab Fabric Crochet Crafts

Scrap Fabric Crochet Crafts

Use leftover fabric scraps for these crochet crafts to create a matching place mat and coaster.

crocheted flower afghan on chair

Idea Gallery: Fall Flowers Afghan

Country Woman’s Fall Flowers Afghan bloomed beautifully for this avid crocheter.

Brown crocheted dog

Idea Gallery: Floppy Dog Crochet Pattern

Reader takes on a pet project, adapting our fun crocheted pup.

Crocheted Birds

Crocheted Tropical Birds

These eye-catching crocheted birds are a fun conversation piece in any home.

Crochet Wire Bracelet

Crocheted Wire Bracelet

Crochet basic stitches with thin wire, then add beads for an intricate, beautiful accessory.

Rainbow Crochet Pouch

Rainbow Crochet Pouch

This quick and easy zippered crochet pouch holds your stash in fun and colorful style.

Crocheted Rosettes Applique

Crocheted Rosettes Applique

Simple crocheted rosettes and leaves are perfect for any project that needs a quick touch of floral femininity.

Easter Egg Basket

Easter Egg Basket

To roll out Eastertime accents by the dozen, turns to your skeins of worsted-weight yarn!

Angel Afghan Right Side Name

Idea Gallery: Crocheted Baby Afghan

This inventive reader perfectly personalized Country Woman’s angelic afghan.

Padded Moccasins

Padded Moccasins

You’ll have a soft spot for this slipper pattern–it has some cushioning built right in!