Decorative Leaf DIY Wreath

Decorative Leaf DIY Wreath

Delicate and feathery skeleton leaves make an airy DIY wreath for all seasons.

Metallic-Look Mason Jar DIY: trio of metallic mason jars

Metallic-Look Mason Jar DIY

This simple mason jar DIY uses spray paint to give your jars a lovely metallic luster.

Dried flower jewelry necklaces and pins

Dried Flower Jewelry Craft

Turn your garden flowers into blooming beautiful pins and necklaces.

Cowboy boot wall hanging with sunflowers

Quilted Cowboy Boot Wall Hanging

Add a Western accent to any room with this quilted Cowboy Boot Wall Hanging craft.

Hanging Gift-Wrap Organizer Craft

Hanging Gift-Wrap Organizer Craft

This hanging gift-wrap organizer neatly stores and organizes all your wrapping supplies.

DIY Neon Necklace: Neon colored necklace made from straws

DIY Neon Necklace

Fashion a fun and colorful DIY neon necklace out of simple drinking straws.

DIY iPad Case: Woman holding bubble mailer iPad case

DIY iPad Case

Make a simple, inexpensive and stylish DIY iPad Case from a bubble mailer.

Heart-shaped DIY seed paper tags

DIY Seed Paper Tags

Upcycle junk mail into pretty and plantable DIY seed paper.

Fish String Lights

DIY Fish String Lights

Recycle water and soda bottles to create whimsical string lights.

DIY Hammock

DIY Hammock

Make your own DIY hammock to hang between two shady trees or sunken posts.