What’s it Worth?

What’s it worth? Antique appraisals from Country Woman’s antiques expert.


What’s it Worth: Granny Ann Teapot

Popular among kitchen ceramics, the vintage Granny Ann teapot serves guests with a smile.

What's it worth?

What’s it Worth: Papier-Mâché Rabbit

Antique papier-mâché rabbit is a popular Easter collectible. Our antiques expert shares her appraisal and today’s value.

Kestner Antique Doll

What’s it Worth: Kestner Shoulder-head Doll

Appraisal for antique doll by Germany’s renowned doll maker, Johann Daniel Kestner Jr.

Metal Head Doll

What’s it Worth: Metal Head Doll

Antique metal head doll is a unique and valuable collectible.

Cupid Print

What’s it Worth: Cupid Photo Print

Heart-tugging cupid photo print has sentimental value to thousands of collectors.

What’s it Worth: Two-Piece Tea Strainer

What’s it Worth: Two-Piece Tea Strainer

Made from a fairly high grade of silver, this two-piece tea strainer was made for the decorative market.

Movable High Chair

What’s it Worth: Movable High Chair

This hardwood convertible chair-stroller was a real convenience for mothers, introduced in 1876.

Lone Ranger Lamp

What’s it Worth: Lone Ranger Lamp

Since being introduced in the 1930s, the Lone Ranger has inspired highly collectible memorabilia.