What’s it Worth?

What’s it worth? Antique appraisals from Country Woman’s antiques expert.

What's it worth: Milk bottle with dairy name.

What’s it Worth: Baby-Face Milk Bottle

Cream rises to the top of this nostalgic milk bottle with an ornate baby face.

Roseville Blue magnolia vase

What’s it Worth: Roseville Magnolia Vase

Roseville vase with molded flower designs is popular with pottery collectors, but what’s it worth today?

Edison Phonograph

What’s it Worth: Edison Phonograph

The horn on the antique Edison phonograph amplifies the sounds of yesteryear.

Little Red Riding Hood Jar

What’s it Worth: Little Red Riding Hood Jar

Reproductions of Little Red Riding Hood cookie jars are easily found; find out what this real set is worth.


What’s it Worth: Granny Ann Teapot

Popular among kitchen ceramics, the vintage Granny Ann teapot serves guests with a smile.

What's it worth?

What’s it Worth: Papier-Mâché Rabbit

Antique papier-mâché rabbit is a popular Easter collectible. Our antiques expert shares her appraisal and today’s value.

Kestner Antique Doll

What’s it Worth: Kestner Shoulder-head Doll

Appraisal for antique doll by Germany’s renowned doll maker, Johann Daniel Kestner Jr.

Betsy Wetsy Antique Doll

What’s it Worth: 1960s Betsy Wetsy Doll

Betsy Wetsy is among America’s most beloved dolls, but what’s it worth today?

Metal Head Doll

What’s it Worth: Metal Head Doll

Antique metal head doll is a unique and valuable collectible.

Cupid Print

What’s it Worth: Cupid Photo Print

Heart-tugging cupid photo print has sentimental value to thousands of collectors.