Vintage charm. True to its roots, the Kramers' Victorian-style kitchen is full of authentic details, like seeded glass and pendant lights. A modern dishwasher hides behind a cabinet beside the sink. Photo: Jon Jensen Photography

Kitchen Remodel for Victorian House

Updating an 1887 farmhouse kitchen was a labor of love in this Victorian house.

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Flour sack towel. A bright bunny applique is hand-stitched to a kitchen towel that dates to the 1940s or '50s. The dimensions (39 inches by 37 inches) and cotton fabric indicate it was made from half of a flour sack. It's worth about $10.

What's It Worth: Vintage Feedsack Fabric

Upcycling is not a new concept on the farm, and as early as the 1800s farm women were stitching décor and clothing from feedsacks. Today, collectors are eager to bag these vintage feedsack fabrics.

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If you don't like dandelions on your lawn, pick 'em and put on your dinner plate.

Benefits of Dandelion Plants

Not just a pesky weed, the benefits of Dandelion plants extend to your kitchen table.

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