Warm wood tones can overwhelm a kitchen in a log cabin, so Dawn Cain painted the kitchen stools a bright green before distressing them.

Colorful DIY Log Cabin Kitchen

Light and color fill this eco-friendly, hand-built log cabin kitchen in the country.

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There are countless collections of the nursery rhymes and children’s tales many of us know by heart.  This 1942 edition of The Real Mother Goose, with a copyright date of 1916, features pen and watercolor illustrations by Blanche Fisher Wright. Reprinted many times, it’s one of the best-selling children’s books of all time; this volume is worth about $65.  (Photo by Country Woman Magazine)

What's It Worth: Vintage Children's Books

Vintage children's books of yesteryear are popular with collectors today. Here's what you need to know.

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Edible landscaping combines the best of two gardening worlds—ornamentals with fruits, nuts, veggies, herbs and more in one eye-popping group of plantings. Photo: Marina Grau, Shutterstock.com.

Edible Landscaping Ideas

Plant these edible landscaping ideas for a garden that's good enough to eat.

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