Gardening Guide

Gardening guides and tips to help make your garden an oasis of green.

How to Preserve Flowers: Small bouquet in vase

How to Preserve Flowers

Ever wonder how to preserve flowers once they’ve been cut? Enjoy these tried-and-true tips for keeping cut bouquets bright and beautiful.

Recycling leaves

Fall Yard Care Tips

Landscaping for next year begins in autumn with fall yard maintenance.

How to Keep Bees Away

How to Keep Bees Away

Sting allergy? Follow these smart planting tips to keep bees away from your backyard.

Archway leading to garden.

Outdoor Decor

Create beautiful yet budget-friendly garden and outdoor spaces to entertain or unwind.

Get The Most From Your Vegetable Garden

Get the Most from Your Vegetable Garden

Six secrets for a high-yield vegetable garden with limited time, space and effort.

Plant A Sundial Garden

Plant a Sundial Garden

Create a human sundial, and tell time with your shadow in this DIY guide to planting a sundial garden.

Close up on Swiss chard

Vegetable Gardening For Any Space

Learn gardening ideas and secrets to growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in your own backyard.

Girl carrying cobs of sweet corn

Growing Sweet Corn

Growing sweet corn in your backyard is fun and deliciously rewarding. Here’s our gardening guide to raising sweet corn in your backyard!

Two red garden tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes

Follow these 10 tips from our gardening expert, and enjoy growing your best tomato crop ever.

Spring garden bordered with acer palmatum, rodgersia and bird bath

Planning Your Spring Garden

Get your spring garden off to a good start with a bit of preventative care.