I used a hollowed-out pumpkin to plant my mums in last fall. Then when it started to deteriorate, I planted the whole thing in the ground. —Dean Jacobs McCall, via Facebook

Idea Gallery: Pumpkin Planter

This reader turned a pumpkin into a lovely autumn planter.

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Fermentation is an ancient food preservation technique making a comeback.

How to Store and Preserve Vegetables and Fruit

Drying, freezing, fermenting and canning turn your bounty of fruits and veggies into great winter meals. Learn how to preserve vegetables and fruits the right way with these tips.

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The raised snack bar in the Nelsons' barndominium kitchen is a favorite place for the kids to do homework and chat with their mom while she's cooking.

Home Sweet Barndominium

Surprising barndominiums have all the comforts of home—fabulous kitchens and room for the tractor!

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