Sewing, cross-stitching, quilting and decor and accessory crafts for your home.


Quilt Blocks: Summer Pinwheels

Craft this Summer Pinwheels quilt block as an added decoration to your home.

How to make a lanyard

How to Make a Lanyard

Craft a colorful, sewn lanyard to hold keys or badges; a perfect homemade gift for teachers and friends.

Pin Cushions

Pin Cushion

Craft this pin cushion as a gift by sewing your favorite scrap fabrics together.

Quilted Tote

Quilted Tote

Craft this quilted tote to carry all sorts of items, including a laptop, exercise clothes or paperwork.


Sewn Basket Liner

Sew this basket liner in just 15 minutes with your favorite fabric.

Sewn Bird Pillow Cover

Sewn Bird Pillow Cover

Sew this bird pillow cover that uses sewing, freezer paper stenciling and applique techniques.

Cross-stitch Basket Lid

Cross-Stitched Basket Lid

Cross-stitch this design as a basket lid, photo album cover or as a keepsake box lid.

Completed Quilted Hearts Wall Hanging Craft

Quilted Hearts Wall Hanging Craft

Craft this Quilted Hearts Wall Hanging for your wall or as a welcome sign on your door.

Completed Blue Jeans Purse, made from recycled jeans.

Blue Jeans Purse

A contest-winning Blue Jeans Purse created from a recycled pair of jeans.

Floral Quilt Block

Vintage Floral Quilt Block

Craft this Vintage Floral Quilt Block for an accent pillow or a quilted blanket.