Paper Crafts

Craft cards, home accents, table decor and more with these paper crafts.

Handmade 3-D Butterfly Card

Handmade 3-D Butterfly Card

Follow these simple instructions to craft a handmade card or party invitation with a three-dimensional butterfly.

Fabric-Trimmed Handmade Cards

Fabric-Trimmed Handmade Cards

Use print fabric scraps to embellish sweet handmade cards or invitations in this simple paper craft.

Printable Drink Tags - DIY Party Decorations

Printable Drink Tags

Dress up your party cups with these DIY party decorations. Simply print the labels and apply to your guest’s drink glasses.

DIY party decoration - Birthday number sign age 3

Birthday Number Sign

This fun, inexpensive party decoration displays the birthday boy or girl’s age.

Ribbon flower on handmade card

Handmade Card with Ribbon Flower

Pair vintage buttons or earrings with ribbons scraps to make pretty handmade cards.



Craft this paper journal as an ease DIY project or as a colorful spring gift for your friends.


Decoupage Wall Hook

Decoupage this colorful wall hook, and customize perfectly to match your home decor!

Paper Crafts Dyed Doillies

How to Dye Doilies for Paper Crafts

Follow this easy DIY guide to dye doilies for your paper crafts.

Snowflake Paper Craft

Snowflake Paper Craft

Paper craft this snowflake inspired by frosty winter snowmen.

Canning labels

Free Printable Canning Labels

Free printable canning labels to help you organize your kitchen.