Crafts for Home

Craft projects and DIY craft tutorials to decorate your home.

DIY Cord Holder: Cardboard box cord organizer

DIY Cord Holder

Crafty organizers will keep electronic cords in order and tangle-free with this DIY Cord Holder.

DIY Wall File Organizer with plane motif

DIY Wall File Organizer

Decorative, DIY Wall File Organizer keeps papers, mail, office and art supplies at your fingertips.

Gold thumbtack wreath hanging from ribbon

All-Seasons Gold Wreath

Made from thumbtacks, this inexpensive holiday wreath looks elegant in any season.

Coiled fabric basket filled with apples.

Fabric Basket

This fabric harvest basket is a bushel of fun to make—even for a beginner.

DIY Jar Candles

DIY Jar Candles

Decorative jars add to the cozy glow of homemade wax candles.

Cookie sheet checkerboard with checkers

Cookie Sheet Checkerboard Set

Turn a cookie sheet into a checkerboard, with a handy chalkboard to keep score.

Homemade Room Spray

Homemade Room Spray

Deodorize and freshen rooms and coops with the all-natural lavender and mint in this homemade room spray.

Homemade Citrus Cleaner

Homemade Citrus Cleaner

Make a powerful, inexpensive home and coop cleaner using all-natural orange peels and white vinegar.

DIY Pillow Covers for Pet Lovers

Pet-Lover’s DIY Pillow Covers

Craft these DIY pillow covers or cushions that pet-lovers will be happy to obey on a favorite couch or chair.

Three DIY frames trimmed with legumes

Bean and Seed DIY Frame

Use dried legumes to add natural beauty to DIY fall-flavored frames.