Crafts for Home

Craft projects and DIY craft tutorials to decorate your home.

Coiled fabric basket filled with apples.

Fabric Basket

This fabric harvest basket is a bushel of fun to make—even for a beginner.

DIY Jar Candles

DIY Jar Candles

Decorative jars add to the cozy glow of homemade wax candles.

Cookie sheet checkerboard with checkers

Cookie Sheet Checkerboard Set

Turn a cookie sheet into a checkerboard, with a handy chalkboard to keep score.

Homemade Room Spray

Homemade Room Spray

Deodorize and freshen rooms and coops with the all-natural lavender and mint in this homemade room spray.

Homemade Citrus Cleaner

Homemade Citrus Cleaner

Make a powerful, inexpensive home and coop cleaner using all-natural orange peels and white vinegar.

DIY Pillow Covers for Pet Lovers

Pet-Lover’s DIY Pillow Covers

Craft these DIY pillow covers or cushions that pet-lovers will be happy to obey on a favorite couch or chair.

Three DIY frames trimmed with legumes

Bean and Seed DIY Frame

Use dried legumes to add natural beauty to DIY fall-flavored frames.

DIY Gourd Birdhouse hanging

DIY Gourd Birdhouse

Birds will happily set up housekeeping in this crafty, all-natural gourd home.

DIY Centerpiece Idea for a standing wheat sheaf centerpiece

Wheat Sheaf Centerpiece

Add harvest elegance to your decor with this DIY centerpiece idea for a simple standing wheat sheaf.

How to make DIY Calico Rose Potpourri

How to Make Potpourri

Use the pick of your crop to make this spicy, floral-scented potpourri.