$1,000 Kitchen Inspiration Contest

We’re looking for your dramatic before-and-after photos and the inspiring stories behind them. Grand prize winner will receive $1,000!

Kitchen Inspiration ContestThe kitchen is the heart of the home—and the focus of a super-exciting Country Woman contest! Share snapshots of your recent kitchen remodel or refresh, and you could win big in our new Kitchen Inspiration Contest. Kitchens of all sizes and shapes are eligible—they can be DIY all the way or renovated with help from the pros. We’re looking for your dramatic before-and-after photos and the inspiring stories behind them. Entering is as EASY as 1…2…3!


1. Read entry information and contest rules here.
2. Check out the tips on taking winning photos of your kitchen below.
3. Submit your entry according to the rules between June 24th and September 30th.

We can’t wait to see your kitchens! Grand prize is $1,000!


To enter electronically, e-mail your kitchen photos along with your story, advice and/or tips that pertain to your kitchen photos to: editors@countrywomanmagazine.com.
Include “Kitchen Inspiration Contest#112 ” in the subject line of the e-mail. Please note, our e-mail only allows up to 15MB. If your images are large, you may need to send multiple e-mails.
You can also mail a flash drive or CD to:
Country Woman Magazine
Kitchen Inspiration Contest #112
C/O RDA Enthusiast Brands
1610 N. 2nd Street Suite 102
Milwaukee, WI 53212


Have a magazine-worthy kitchen, but not sure your camera skills can do it justice? Follow these tips from Country Woman photographer Jim Wieland, and capturing it will be a snap!

1. Choose the right perspective:
When you scope out the space you are about to photograph, try different corners of the room for a variety of perspectives and then choose the one(s) that capture the room at its best.

2. Shoot straight:
It is usually best to have your camera lens pointed straight forward towards and parallel with a flat surface. This will keep the lines in the walls, cabinets etc. straight. Holding your camera at an angle may distort the look of the room.

3. Use proper lighting:
For best results, try shooting in the early morning or late afternoon when the natural light is soft and warm and shadows are less harsh. Play with the window blinds. If natural light isn’t sufficient, try turning on the kitchen lights, including work surface and ceiling lights, until lighting is balanced with few over-lit or under-lit spots. A flash can also be helpful in brightening up dark corners.

4. Prevent blur:
Use a tripod if you have one, or set the camera on other available surfaces, such as a sturdy table, counter or island. For extra stability, use your camera timer to make sure the shot isn’t blurred by your excited fingers.

5. Set up the space:
Make the room look appealing. Add props (like a bowl of fruit, or colorful canisters) that will add interest and pops of color. Consider removing or moving furniture around to highlight certain parts of the room. Clear clutter and place chairs neatly around the table or snack bar.

6. Take wide, backed-off shots:
These photos will capture the overall layout of your room—where appliances are located, connection to other rooms and the flow of your workspace.

7. Get close-ups on accents:
Focus in on special features of the room that are important to you (such as an antique cookstove, handmade curtains or an island you built from scratch). Photograph parts of the room that are key to your kitchen’s story (the alcove you turned into a kitchen office, the pantry door you made from barnwood, and more). Show what makes this room one of your favorites and how it reflects your personality and style.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Contest begins June 24th, 2014, and closes September 30th, 2014. Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada who are age 18 or older.  Void where prohibited. Sponsored by RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC.