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Country Woman is a bimonthly magazine with subscribers across the United States and Canada. Published since 1970 for women who live in or long for the country, this magazine celebrates their diversity, strength and spirit.

Positive, upbeat, entertaining and informative, Country Woman reflects the many roles and interests of its readers through profiles of women and their lifestyle.

Each issue features a large food section filled with mouth-watering, down-home recipes for today’s cooks, including winning recipes for the issue’s contest. There are also ideas for easy and frugal country decorating, casual entertaining, fun and appealing crafts, garden tips, lifestyle stories, health advice, puzzles, nostalgia and more.

Our readers say that every issue of Country Woman feels like a chat with a good friend over a cup of coffee. Subscribe today or give a gift of Country Woman.

Editor Lori Gryzbowski

Editor Lori Lau Grzybowski

“Hearing what’s important to our readers—whether I’m talking with them or reading what they’ve written—is my favorite thing about working on Country Woman,” shares Lori. “Their creativity and insights constantly amaze and inspire me.”

She enjoys the many duties that keep her busy—from reading manuscripts to selecting stories and photography or editing stories and judging contest entries. “But I have to admit,” Lori says with a grin, “the food-tastings are fun, too!”

Lori and her husband have an adult daughter, two teen-aged sons and one new grandson. They spend much of their time cheering at events as well as participating in various church activities. “In my spare time, I love to read,” says Lori. She also plays a mean game of Boggle and recently got hooked on Sudoku (thanks, in part, to Country Woman)!

Senior Editor Sharon Selz

Senior Editor Sharon Selz

What has Senior Editor Sharon Selz enjoyed the most in her years with Country Woman? Interviewing fascinating rural women from across the country and sharing their stories. “How else could I have obtained such a great insight into the life of an Amish woman and expert quilter or the how-to’s of raising Longhorn cattle?” asks Sharon.

“I’ll always remember the very first story I worked on,” says Sharon. “It featured a Wyoming ranch woman who took guests on five-day trail rides using covered wagons she and her family built.” Having been raised in the country surrounded by rural women, Sharon is thrilled to show the world how special they are. “Some of our readers don’t notice their own uniqueness or the value of what they contribute to their families and communities and to society,” adds Sharon.

Contributing Editor Ann Kaiser

Contributing Editor Ann Kaiser

Who would think you could make someone into a camel herder…corn detasseler…honey harvester? But these are just a few of the exciting, unique and challenging jobs Contributing Editor Ann Kaiser has done for Country Woman.

The “Editor in the Country” series has taken Ann to all 50 states and most of the Canadian provinces. Ann started accepting invitations from readers to “come work a day with me” in 1976. Her hard-working country hostesses have taught her a thing or two—and put her to the test in many memorable ways.

Photo credit: Christiaan Blok