Teach your kids how to keep belongings neat and organized with a brightly hand-painted toy box.

DIY Painted Toy Box

Craft a toy boy to fit your child's room with this DIY tutorial from HGTV's Carmen De La Paz.

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Getting poinsettias to rebloom requires year-round care.

How to Make a Poinsettia Bloom Again

Wondering how to make a poinsettia bloom? Check out these gardening tips from our expert.

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If using this vase craft to hold fresh flowers, be careful not to get the outside wet.

Glittery Poinsettia Vase Craft

Embellish plain glassware with pretty poinsettias to create a vase craft that doubles as a candle holder.

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5 p.m. Spark your creativity by using a glass cloche to display your vintage glass ornaments. It's perfect as a centerpiece.

Quick Christmas Decorating Ideas

Give your guests a festive welcome with these fast and fun holiday projects.

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